Monday, April 5, 2010

Balmy Malaysian Nights

People of Malaysia

Malaysia has three major ethnic groups: 1) the Malay, 2) the Chinese, and 3) South Asians (especially Indians). The largest ethnic group of Malaysia is the Malay; ironically, the Chinese dominate the Malaysian economy. Each group practice different religions, Islam for the Malay, and Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism are common practices of people from other ethnic groups in Malaysia.

Generally speaking, family units (both nuclear and extended family members) are very important to Malaysians. To this day, I cannot remember who’s who. All the mentioned nieces, aunts, uncles, tok-ma, tok-pa, or for that matter, cousins -- the list goes on, really. Malaysian family units in general live within each other or live within the same proximity of one other.

Currently, the Malaysian government is promoting ‘ONE MALAYSIA’ to create an emphasis that all Malaysians are Malaysians despite their faith or culture. Naturally, people are free to practice certain religion or tradition of their choice, but they need to respect one other.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Its raining in India.

My nickname is Rain and anywhere I go I make it "rain". Here, you will find entries about my traveling experiences. I am just a Jamaican boy being himself "raining", wherever he goes. When I meet people, I don't usually give them any other countries, maybe a little... I give them Jamaica all in myself!

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